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Sid at The French Cafe (Eden Terrace)

"Sid at The French Cafe is exactly what it says on the tin - acclaimed chef Sid Sahrawat at the helm of a longstanding temple of fine dining. The most literally named restaurant in the book should, by very definition, also be one of Auckland's most exciting." Full review here - NZ Herald, Kim Knight27 October 2018


Sidart (Ponsonby)

"Back in July, Sahrawat announced Sidart would continue to showcase New Zealand produce "but in a contemporary Indian format that is a more formal and precise execution of the cuisine currently offered at popular sister restaurant, Cassia". One of our five courses combined slabs of raw kingfish with warm scampi cooked in a light pakora batter, served on a glug of cultured cream with a disc of pickled ginger sorbet under a nasturtium leaf that had been compressed in dill oil." Full review here - NZ Herald, Kim Knight, 20 October 2018



Ebisu (CBD)

" Ebisu is international quality, and in that waterfront location one of our best options for an overseas guest. The loveliest hot dish on the menu is the toothfish. The fish does that beautiful thing where the miso changes the texture of the flesh to make it even more flaky and springy and it’s a must-order dish" Full review here - Viva, Jesse Mulligan, 3 October 2018



Cuba Libre (Ponsonby)

"Not a restaurant so much as a bar with food, they’re nonetheless taking the food seriously.
Those oysters were great, but the fried chicken was the best dish on the menu — juicy thighs coated in a spicy batter and served with an extra garlicky aioli.
A bowl of these with a strong cocktail would be the best way of enjoying this place I think — it’s hard to find a bar in Ponsonby where you can reliably catch up with friends with a bit of space and some snacks if you need them, so I’m not surprised that people are discovering Cuba Libre as a good mid-evening destination." Full review here - Viva, Jesse Mulligan, 29 August 2018



The Parasol and Swing Company (Viaduct)
"The Parasol and Swing Company is famous for its drinks and its view. The bar menu is so big, it comes in booklet form. The food menu is so small, it fits on a single page. (In both cases, the font is so tiny it will not be your fault if something catches fire, because you've had to move it closer to the reading candle.)." Full review here - Canvas, Kim Knight, 4 August 2018



1947 Eatery (CBD)
"According to a tiny little yellow book called The Curry Secret, the Indian word "chaat" literally translates as "to lick".

This makes so much sense. At 1947 Eatery, on the recommendation of a vegetarian friend, we ordered the street samosa chaat ($8). One spoonful — for this is a deconstructed mash-up of mint, tamarind and other fragrant mysteries and cutlery is definitely required — and we immediately ordered another. I might have licked the plate, but, you know, manners." Full review here - Canvas, Kim Knight, 30 July 2018



Love Exposure (Mt Eden) 4/5
"I had one of those moments at Love Exposure when we ordered five dishes from their appealing menu and I said (having learnt to from experience): “Can you stagger these a little so they don’t all turn up at once?”. The waitress said “sure thing” and then returned a few minutes later with everything we had ordered, steaming hot and fresh out of the kitchen.”  Read the full review here. - Viva, Jesse Mulligan, 11 July 2018