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Next level dessert preparation
This restaurant in Belgium takes dining entertainment to another level of with the amazing use of technology and 3D projection. Read the full article here. - HipToro, 5 October 2017

The OTT entrances to some of London's most beautiful dining rooms
Have a voyeuristic look and see the full article here. - Londonist, 2017 Photography: Bobbobricard

What's Leonardo DiCaprio having for dinner?
Find out what the Hollywood Star and eco-activist has on his shopping list/menu and read the full article here. - MindBodyGreen, 18 October 2017 Photo: Jemal Countess

Nitro Cow opens a permanent Gelato parlour in Auckland
The gelato place to get to this summer is Nitro Cow. Read the full article here. - Denizen, 18 October 2017

Harry Potter's 'golden snitch' has found a nesting place in the centre of butterbeer doughnuts. 
Check it out here. - The Hook, 11 October 2017

 Hokkaido Cheese Soft Serve
Hokkaido Cheese Soft Serve is coming to New Zealand

The sweet and salty Hokkadido baked cheese tart filling has now been transformed and turned into a unique soft serve ice cream, perfect for the warmer weather. Keep up to date with the launch details from Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart here

Rice never looked so good!
Check out "rice paddy art" in Inakadate made with 7 different coloured rice plants.  Read the full article here - Great Big Story

Coffee delivery gets some wings
Say hello to the 'Coffee-Copter'.  The drone delivery technology is being trialled by sun lounging beachgoers in Dubai. Read the full article here. - Lonely Planet, Andrea Smith, 29 September 2017
Photo: Costa

NYC Rapper 'Action Bronson' also happens to be a seriously great cook.
Having just released his book "F**k that's delicious",  here are five of his tastiest recipes...
Read the full article here. - NME, Larry Bartleet, 29 September 2017

What you didn't know about "America's baking icon", Betty Crocker...
Full details here. - Great Big Story, 25 January 2017. 

"Popping Pimple Cake"
What do you think of cake 'Evelyn' and would you be shocked to see this at your next party? Read the full article here. - NZ Herald. Photo / Instagram, The Cakescape

Hepburn Brownies
Add a bit of Hollywood Glamour to your baking...
Get the New York Times full recipe here and bake like a star. View the brownie baking video here

From 'Cake Life Bake Shop'.

The Queen Bee certainly likes a good cake...
Check out the post here. @cakelifebakeshop

"Salad Bar Robots"

Instead of grabbing lunch from a cafe down the road, would you eat a salad from the vending machine-like 'Sally' the robot? Read the full article here. - The New York Times, Claire Martin, 6 October 2017. 

"Black Lemonade"
Into the dark side, with Activated Charcoal.  This is the drink everyone is talking about to turn their tongue black this Halloween. Read the full article here. - BuzzFeed, Alicia Barney, 25 November 2015. 

'Millionaire's Bacon'

Thicker slices of bacon slowly baked to candied perfection in a combination of spices is changing brunch menu's and the standard weekend breaky 'fry up'.  Read the full article here. - The Independent, 1 October 2017

Food Blogger:

Lucy Corry combines her love for food and journalism at The Kitchen Maid.  You may have read some of her pieces in publications such as Cuisine Magazine or your local paper.  

Pumpkin Spice Latte
Pumpkin Spice Latte

In time for Halloween and Thanks Giving festivities the USA has launched a new take on the latte, say hello to the Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Read the full article here. - Hellow Giggles, Olivia Harvey, 27 September 2017. 

Food Blogger:

We are loving @monsflavours posts, the use of fresh colourful foods and eatable flowers are a true welcome to spring and warmer weather.  

Cheese Tea
Yes, Cheese Tea is a thing

Could the latest hipster drink trend be a threat to the teatime tradition in the UK?  "Cheese tea: an iced beverage topped with lashings of frothy, whipped cheese". Read the full article here. - Independent, Olivia Petter, 16 September 2017 

S. Pellegrino Young Chef 2018 Pacific Winner Announced.  
New Zealand helped shape John Rivera's "Kiwi-Filipino" food vision where he was the Pacific region finalist at the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Competition.  Read the full article here. - Viva, Janetta Mackay, 18 September 2017

Instagram is changing how we eat




Is Instagram changing the food industry and how we eat?  
See the video from Quartz, 3 September 2017?

Food Blogger:

Who said men can't bake?@bakergatherer shows the world that 'manly foods' such as beer and bacon can be ingredients for brownies. 



Millennial pink is the colour on your plate
Have you found yourself drawn to rose, berry breakfast Acai and smoothie bowls or beetroot dishes and pink sweet treats? Not 'Barbie' hot pink either, we're talking the Millennial pink food trend. Read the full article here. - Viva, Maura Judkis, 3 September 2017

Food Blogger:

Helen Jackson from Food Lovers, shares food tips from overseas travel, recipes and industry news. 

Chinese Tuxedo

Opening a Chinese restaurant in the middle of Chinatown (New York) is a bold move
"Melburnian Eddy Buckingham and restaurant consultant Jeff Lam opened Chinese Tuxedo in (New York)  December last year, they were on a mission to change the way New Yorkers thought about eating out at Chinese restaurants." Read the full article here. - Broadsheet, Imogen Dewey, 15 September 2017?

Food Blogger:

Haaaangry for payday?  Cheap Eats hunts down where $20 (or less) will get you the best food in Auckland.