Madam Woo Takapuna

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  • 486 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland
  • Asian Malaysian Asian Fusion Dietary - Vegetarian Friendly
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Madam Woo Takapuna

486 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland
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Professional Reviews: Madam Woo Takapuna

Restaurant review: Madam Woo, Takapuna

New Zealand Herald 17 February 2017

On the face of it, Madam Woo might seem a tad too clever: a Hamilton-born three time Michelin-star chef (awarded in 2006 when Emett oversaw Gordon Ramsay's New York and West Hollywood restaurants) serving Malaysian street food.

It's one of those things that shouldn't work but does, like Kanye, Rihanna and Paul McCartney collaborating.

And four years in (the first Woo opened in Queenstown in 2013, a Christchurch one opens soon) Madam's no less alluring.

The key to Madam Woo's success is that Josh Emett is smart enough to keep things simple. He's clearly a big fan of the cuisine and knows what works and doesn't mess with it; fresh ingredients, bright flavours, a busy, casual ambience.

Its key note is Malaysian but there's Chinese, Portuguese and Indian influences at play too - oh, and icecream from Wanaka's Pure NZ.

This is a long way from his fine-dining pedigree but the food retains a Michelinesque quality-control - Emett was at the pass throughout service, checking each dish.

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Viva - NZ Herald, August 2015

Viva 8 August 2015

It was August 2013 that New Zealanders first heard “cronut” — a word none of us could get enough of at the time but which now, two years later, seems as lame and dated as “Gangnam”, “twerking” or “amazeballs”.

The cronut — essentially a doughnut made from croissant pastry — was born and copyrighted in a boutique New York bakery. Here, in Auckland, the first cronut worthy of the name was baked and fried at the sublime Takapuna Beach Cafe; I know this because I was the one who made the phone call and convinced them to give it a go.

Now, in August 2015, I’ve become obsessed with a new food mash-up, just a few hundred metres away at Malaysian-inspired eatery Madam Woo. Here, chef-co-owner Josh Emett has invented the roti-taco/rotaco/tacoti. For now let’s call it what he calls it: a hawker roll.

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