Augustus Bistro

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  • 1-3 Mary's Road
    Saint Marys Bay, Auckland

  • French Fine Dining Burgers
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  • 09 950 4855
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Augustus Bistro

  • 1-3 Mary's Road
    Saint Marys Bay, Auckland
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Restaurant review: Augustus Bistro, Ponsonby

4.0 New Zealand Herald 5 February 2017

The north end of Ponsonby was my neck of the woods in my early student days, and the building housing this new bistro was the Ponsonby Post Office. On Fridays, I'd withdraw $3 from my POSB account to last me the weekend, hoping that when I got to the head of the queue, the teller who looked like Faye Dunaway would be free and would touch my passbook.

That was when Ponsonby was a word to frighten the wits out of God-fearing people everywhere: a cesspool of long-haired, pot-smoking students, wild artists, troublemaking trade unionists and Pacific families who roasted pigs in their backyards, it was a bloody magnificent place to live.

These days, Ponsonby is a word to strike fear into my heart and the man sitting at the next table at Augustus is a complete explanation as to why. In a voice just loud enough to be objectionable - audible, say, three tables away - but not to warrant his ejection, he's talking millions and full to bursting with big-noting pompousness. I'm about to let the Professor loose on him but she reckons he's fried on something dearer and stronger than Bolly and might lose it if prodded.

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Restaurant Review: Augustus, Ponsonby

4.5 Viva 6 December 2016

Auckland has two types of people: those who enjoy the idea of sitting outside SPQR on a sunny day with a bottle or three of pinot gris, and those who’d die of shame at the very thought of it. My wife, for example, is from Hamilton and therefore in the latter group — she finds the concept of “being seen” so repulsive that we can’t walk past the place at lunchtime without her rolling her eyes so vigorously the Mountain Buggy does a little jump and shudder.

The thing is she’d probably enjoy the food at SPQR, which is simple, careful Italian, and she’d definitely enjoy the service, which is smooth, fast and occasionally flamboyant. In my experience the restaurant is run almost flawlessly, so we can’t really blame the staff that their front tables resemble a casting room for New Zealand’s Next Top Housewives.

“Ooh look, there’s a new restaurant in Three Lamps called Augustus from the people behind SPQR,” I said to my wife as I read through Viva recently.

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