Ampersand Eatery

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  • 228 Orakei Road
    Remuera, Auckland

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  • 09 522 9503
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Ampersand Eatery

  • 228 Orakei Road
    Remuera, Auckland
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4 reviews

Restaurant review: Ampersand, Orakei

2.5 New Zealand Herald 16 July 2017

If you should ever lose perspective on your importance in the scheme of things, a visit to Ampersand will set you right. I suppose we were feeling a bit pleased with ourselves when we arrived: we had just battled through that torrential rush-hour rain last week and found a rare parking spot at Orakei Bay Village (this latter is an achievement on a par with solving a seven-colour Rubik's Cube, though I gather improvements are planned).

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Brunch review: Ampersand Eatery, Orakei

4.5 New Zealand Herald 18 June 2017

A friend who arrived before us texted to say, "The menu is bangin'", by which he meant, "very good", and he was right. Menu items considered by our party included a Colombian corn cake ($19), a breakfast ramen ($19), a smoked trevally and potato omelette ($19) - thoughtful, interesting dishes that make you feel that you're in the hands of somebody who really knows food, which you are. The chef behind Ampersand is the much-celebrated Mikey Newlands, whose last gig was in charge of southern Auckland's leading fine-dining restaurant, Bracu. However, there is only one sure way I know of to benchmark a brunch spot and that's by eating their big breakfast option - bacon, eggs, hash browns, sausage etc. Ampersand's version ($23), simply described on the menu by a list of its constituent parts - glazed free-range bacon, house kransky, fried eggs, field mushrooms, waffle hash - was elegantly presented, perfectly cooked and off-kilter enough, with the waffle-iron cooked hash brown and the sweet bacon, that it felt as if I was getting something quite special.

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Restaurant Review: Ampersand, Orakei

5.0 Viva 7 June 2017

I can’t visit the suburb of Orakei without remembering my horrific first experience there. I’d just arrived in Auckland, was trying to break into the media industry and wanted to have some professional photos taken.

Someone recommended a guy who’d do it for cheap and, when a cash price had been negotiated, he told me to meet him in an empty boat shed at noon, the sort of invitation where if it happened in a horror movie you’d be yelling “no, don’t do it!” to the main character, knowing he was about to be murdered.

I wasn’t physically harmed on this photoshoot but the emotional scars remain. No lighting, no makeup, the sun beating through the corrugated plastic roof, making me sweat in my cheap woollen suit. The perspiration and stress triggered a rash on my face which is clearly visible in the final photos.

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First Look: Ampersand - Orakei's new bistro-chic restaurant

Metro Eats 10 April 2017

Designed by Ctrl Space, 120-seater restaurant Ampersand with its high stud ceiling, teal blue walls and raw wood is a collaboration between Mikey Newlands (ex-Bracu), his sommelier partner Amanda Rogers (ex-Sidart) and Espresso Workshop’s Andrew Smart. The interior is split by a tall, well-stocked bar to become half-dining room, half coffee roastery and features a show-stopping Probatone 25 – “that’s German for effing big coffee roaster” – that Smart’s team will roast from at least five days a week. Outside there is a 60 seat all-weather, heated deck.

Here, so that the two operations can function cohesively, a high-tech afterburner allows only pleasant roasting aromas into the room, meaning Newland’s delicious cooking smells won’t be quashed by the scent of burnt toast that roasters can often emit. All going well, Espresso Workshop will move their entire Parnell operation to ?rakei later in the year.

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