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  • 23 Ponsonby Road
    Ponsonby, Auckland

  • Thai Family Asian Asian Fusion Vegetarian Friendly
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  • 09-360 6262
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  • 23 Ponsonby Road
    Ponsonby, Auckland
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Restaurant Review: MooChowChow, Ponsonby

4.5 Viva 12 October 2016

I recently acted as MC at a dinner full of posh people with money and taste — not the usual thing I get hired for, which is more along the lines of jacked-up pet food salesmen doing Frangelico shots and singing along to Mambo No. 5.

The latter sometimes barely know who I am but they make a good audience for comedy — some sexual innuendo here, insulting somebody’s necktie there — by the end of the night we’ve become so chummy it’s hard to walk past the bar without someone shouting me a hazelnut-flavoured liqueur.

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Restaurant review: MooChowChow, Ponsonby

New Zealand Herald 9 August 2015

MooChowChow is where the Auckland trend began of letting top chefs loose on Asian cuisine. Chef Che Barrington has since branched out (Blue Breeze Inn and Chop Chop Noodle House in Ponsonby Central; Woodpecker Hill in Parnell) and others have followed suit - Josh Emett's Madam Woo is a recent and welcome arrival. But dinner at MooChowChow, where the main flavour is Thai though there are bits of Malaysian and Chinese too, felt like paying respect where it's due.

In my review when it opened four years ago, I described it as "bringing fine-dining technique to bear on the street-market food of Asia", though no street-market hawker I've seen does beef short rib, slow-roasted pork hock and skin-on tarakihi, which are three of this place's more notable delights.

That pork hock, caramelised to a glorious chewiness and served with cucumber, and a sweetly fragrant curry of wild goat have been on the menu since day one but the rest has always been subject to change depending on the season and the availability of ingredients.

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