Cuba Libre

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  • 61 Mackelvie Street
    Ponsonby, Auckland

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    • sun 9:00am - 3:00am
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  • 027 601 7113
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Cuba Libre

61 Mackelvie Street
Ponsonby, Auckland
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Restaurant review: Cuba Libre, Ponsonby

3.5 Jesse Mulligan for Viva 29 August 2018

Not a restaurant so much as a bar with food, they’re nonetheless taking the food seriously.
Those oysters were great, but the fried chicken was the best dish on the menu — juicy thighs coated in a spicy batter and served with an extra garlicky aioli.
A bowl of these with a strong cocktail would be the best way of enjoying this place I think — it’s hard to find a bar in Ponsonby where you can reliably catch up with friends with a bit of space and some snacks if you need them, so I’m not surprised that people are discovering Cuba Libre as a good mid-evening destination.

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