Bird On A Wire - Ponsonby

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  • 136/146 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland
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Bird On A Wire - Ponsonby

136/146 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland
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Professional Reviews: Bird On A Wire - Ponsonby

Restaurant Review: Bird on a Wire, Ponsonby

Viva 24 February 2016

Let’s take a moment this week to talk about sustainability in food. Except let’s not call it sustainability, let’s call it something that doesn’t make you want to quickly turn the page.

Ethical eating? Green eating? Environmen-tally friendly food choices? They’re all a bit dull too. Perhaps the best way for me to approach these issues is to sneak up on you — to begin by telling you that Bird on a Wire does juicy, delicious rotisserie chicken and, then, that you don’t need to feel guilty about eating it, because it’s entirely free range.

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First Look: Bird on a Wire Ponsonby

Metro Eats 23 January 2016

Sophie Gilmour is walking towards me with a huge pile of assorted crockery. It’s been a week since Bird on a Wire’s new Ponsonby flagship all-day restaurant and cafe opened and its co-founder is really proud of the veritable shop in her arms; until now, all food at Bird on a Wire was served in recyclable containers. Her enthusiasm is weirdly infectious, and soon I’m gushing over a concrete cutlery holder and its sturdy merits as if it’s her first-born child.

The new store has replaced Toru cafe in Ponsonby Central. The space has been redecorated in the signature rustic Bird on a Wire style and divided into purposeful areas. On the Ponsonby Rd side, a coffee counter that gets the morning sun, which is connected to a main serving area and open kitchen. On the other end, a softly upholstered seating area with plush cushions. It’s this area that’s the biggest departure for Bird on a Wire; this is the first time they’ve offered full table service for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For Gilmour, it’s a walk in the park. Years of experience in Auckland restaurants like Cibo, Moo Chow Chow and The Engine Room – not to mention a mother (Emerald Gilmour) with 20 years of hospitality experience and Mexico/Burger Burger’s Mimi Gilmour for a sister – mean that good table service is second nature. For the rest of her team, it’s been a learning curve, but one that she says has been really easy. “If you hire nice people, who are good at talking to people, the rest is just mechanics.” Mechanics like cutlery holders that don’t tip over easily.

If you’re familiar with the Takapuna store you’ll recognise most of the breakfast dishes at the new spot; there’s “birdseed museli”, banana on toast and chick’ egg ‘n’ cheese, smoothies and juices, in addition to a few new items like hot smoked salmon with caper lemon mayo, avocado and sourdough. In the evenings, the takeaway menu has been reworked into a “feasting menu”. Diners can choose whether to have whole, half or quarter chickens and order sides according to hunger, in addition to signature Bird on a Wire burgers and baguettes. There’s a wine list too – one Gilmour is really proud of – which includes a great “interesting wines from elsewhere” section.

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