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  • Level 484
    New North Road
    Mount Albert, Auckland

  • Family Tapas
  • Live Music
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  • 09-815 8057
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  • Level 484
    New North Road
    Mount Albert, Auckland
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Restaurant Review: Barcelona, Kingsland

4.0 Viva 22 March 2017

I once had a job where I had to escort travel writers to Spain and hope they’d write nice things about it in their magazines. It was great in theory but I had the worst luck. Every time I showed up with a journalist, Spain would start to rain very heavily — once-in-a-generation downpours that would completely close the place down.

One trip I did with a photographer was so bad that in three days the only thing he took a photo of was a stray dog having a wee.

So during Auckland’s worst rain storm since 1965, it felt appropriate that I ended up at Barcelona, a newish tapas bar in Kingsland. They have tables on the street that look as if they would be very nice on the right evening, but my sister and I were soaked and wanted to be deep inside the building.

We ended up at a great spot by the jamon carver, next to a large group. Forget what they tell you about avoiding groups — if the acoustics aren’t too harsh and they’re a nice bunch of people, I find the jolly atmosphere sort of spills out on to the tables around them.

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