Kimchi Project

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  • 18-20 Lorne Street
    Auckland Central, Auckland

  • Asian Vegetarian Friendly
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  • 09-302 4002
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Kimchi Project

  • 18-20 Lorne Street
    Auckland Central, Auckland
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Restaurant review: The Kimchi Project, Auckland CBD

3.0 New Zealand Herald 25 November 2017

Lamb shanks were the cliche of the 90s. Salt and pepper squid was the "get me out of here" dish of the noughties. Soon, I predict, we will be shuddering at the very sound of the word "kimchi".

I've been enjoying this concoction of fermented vegetables (typically cabbage) with garlic and chilli as a garnish in cheap Korean joints for years, but it beats me why it has become a thing for eating out in Auckland. Fanatics trumpet its health-giving properties, but there is no evidence for them and its supposedly miraculous lactobacilli are abundant in yoghurt, cheese and beer.

Surprisingly, considering the name, the kimchi isn't in your face at this place, which lets you call it TKP once it gets to know you. The menu explicitly mentions it in reference to only three dishes out of 20-odd, although all the buns have pickled cucumber (yep, all of 'em; I know, I thought so, too) and you can get a side of TKP kimchi for $5 if you feel your levels are low.

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Restaurant Review: The Kimchi Project, Lorne St

4.0 Viva 25 January 2017

Kimchi is everywhere in 2017 — providing the crunch in burgers, the spice in mayo and the acidic bite in tacos. It has the dual appeal of both tasting good and being fermented — the latter giving it some claims as a health food, though nobody can say with certainty whether it benefits the body in a meaningful way.

What science knows so far is that the human body is dependent on the 1-2kg of foreign bacteria we have working their mystical processes inside us. Our bodies have up to 10 times as many microbial cells as human cells, and we know that the daily performance of these multiple organisms affects not just our gut health but also our mental health.

And we intuitively presume that eating food rich in good bacteria will support and replenish these microbial flatmates, despite there not yet being any scientific evidence yet that this is true. So by all means keep eating sauerkraut, but take it with a grain of salt.

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Sorry, this restaurant does not currently offer online bookings via Restaurant Hub, if you would like to make a booking please call

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