Gemmayze Street

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  • 15-16 Saint Kevins Arcade
    Auckland Central, Auckland

  • Lebanese Family Gluten Free Friendly Dairy Free Friendly Vegetarian Friendly
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    • tue 6:00pm - 10:00pm
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    • fri 12:00pm - 2:00pm,
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    • sat 6:00pm - 10:00pm
    • $$ - Avg Main $20+

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  • 09-600 1545
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Gemmayze Street

  • 15-16 Saint Kevins Arcade
    Auckland Central, Auckland
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Restaurant review: Gemmayze St, Auckland CBD

4.0 New Zealand Herald 12 August 2017

Best use of quinoa in urban Auckland? The octopus dish at Gemmayze St.

It is popped, puffed and liberally applied. It adds crunch to a salty, smoky taramasalata that is, in turn, topped with tangy, chewy octopus tentacles.

That is a lot of adjectives for one dish. They are all warranted. When Gemmayze St gets it right, the results are outstanding. Even when it gets it wrong, it won't be through lack of trying. Take the $25 market fish. Tarakihi rubbed in spice, sitting on wilted greens, covered in shellfish bisque foam, served with blobs of onion puree, puffed rice and something pink and pickled. Too much? The onion had been overly charred for my palate, so, yes.

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