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  • Princes Wharf
    22/147 Quay Street
    Auckland Central, Auckland

  • International Family
  • Award Winning Celebrity Chefs RANZ Vouchers Ocean Views
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  • 09-309 9866
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  • Princes Wharf
    22/147 Quay Street
    Auckland Central, Auckland
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4 reviews

Metro Eats - Feb 9, 2016

4.0 Metro Eats 9 February 2016

Yes indeed, four spoons for Euro! You should book yourself a summer treat. I say this with a touch of sadness — after all, it means I will not get to read another recipe for my own testicles (which is how Euro responded the year we dropped it from our top 50 list). But despite what some people mutter into their merlot, Metro has never had a vendetta against Euro. Back in the day, we just didn’t think it was good enough.

What’s changed? Well, most obviously, it has a new executive chef. Gareth Stewart has moved over from Soul with aplomb, bringing his expertise with fish, adding some assured statements with the meat dishes and retaining the flair with entrées and desserts that has always been a strength of the place.

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Restaurant Review: Euro, Princes Wharf

5.0 Viva 9 December 2015

Well, the restaurant business isn’t easy, and we should applaud national treasure Simon Gault and his partners for making Euro this good for this many years. They’ve always done a lot well, and not much badly, and if one has to throw the occasional cooking class on a Sunday afternoon to make the monthly numbers add up, then so be it.

But now I think Euro is on the verge of something special. It’s been cut down to half of its original size, superchef Gareth Stewart has rebuilt the menu and suddenly everything feels almost perfect.

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NZ Herald - Nov 28, 2015

4.0 New Zealand Herald 28 November 2015

Euro has long been one of Auckland's more prestigious eating venues and we were curious to see how its latest manifestation would fit into the niche. Simon Gault has departed but the new executive chef, Gareth Stewart, also has the television personality allure, being a judge on My Kitchen Rules.

His style is thoroughly contemporary, stressing, as everyone does these days, freshness, local sourcing and seasonality, but the approach and presentation reveal a classic timeless touch. You could bring the most conservative of your country cousins here without their being uncomfortable while your trendy friends, if you have them, are likely to find something to suit too.

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Review: Euro, Princes Wharf

4.5 Viva 24 September 2014

Hoopla. That's what I thought when I heard Simon Gault was reinventing Euro's menu. Calling it "the modern way to eat", he's eliminated all refined sugars and unhealthy fats from his dishes. Euro? The waterfront spot best known for being the perfect place to go for long, boozy business lunches or for dinners that go late into the night was going raw? Well, not quite, but surely this was bandwagon stuff.

I meet two friends there. Our waiter fills us in on the new approach; we're told the refined sugars have been removed and replaced by coconut sugar, yacon syrups and more, that carbs barely feature in the mains, that the terrible oils have been replaced, that pressed juices are now pouring out of the kitchen like Euro invented them. We're told to expect to feel great even if we eat a full three-course meal each.

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