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  • Imperial Lane
    5 Fort Lane
    Auckland Central, Auckland

  • International Indian Asian
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  • 09-379 9702
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Imperial Lane
5 Fort Lane
Auckland Central, Auckland
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Professional Reviews: Cassia

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Restaurant Review: Cassia

4.0 Cuisine 14 October 2018

Cassia continues to win accolades for bringing casual and contemporary Indian cooking to the table, for its exemplary service and delivering satisfaction with flair but without gimmicks or artifice. It’s a quirky space, with low ceilings and a mod-industrial vibe. As soon as you settle into your seat you get tantalising hints of cardamom and cumin, of spice and intrigue. Allow time to begin with a drink from the eclectic Cassia cocktail list and then prepare yourself for a feast. Clever combinations of fish, kokam mustard and coconut bring a smile, as do the unexpected spice and sweetness of kumara and mushrooms in korma sauce. This is pure dining entertainment that has at its heart well-considered and beautifully executed food with lashings of fascinating flavour.

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Restaurant Review: Cassia, CBD

5.0 Jesse Mulligan for Viva 7 March 2018

Cassia was full with a crowd I never get to see. As we approach my third anniversary with Viva, I reckon 140 of the 150 odd restaurants I’ve reviewed have been new or newish. That means they’re filled with new people — a ragtag bunch of food reviewers, early adopters, plus some confused regulars of the place that just closed down on this exact site.

Atmosphere-wise there isn’t so much a buzz as a shuffle — the shuffle of notepads rustling in coat pockets, of menus being suspiciously unfolded and flipped, of feet heading rapidly for the door. I never run into anybody I know, because why would anybody I know be taking a chance on a restaurant they hadn’t heard about from me?

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Another win for Cassia in Auckland's Metro restaurant awards

New Zealand Herald 1 May 2017

Sid and Chand Sahrawat took out the supreme winner category at the Metro Peugeot Restaurant of the Year Awards on Monday night at a ceremonial dinner held at Motat in Western Springs.

They also held on to the top spot in the best smart dining category for another year, after winning it in 2016.

Chand Sahrawat used her restaurant's win to speak up about the Government's proposed immigration changes, saying it was denying skilled people the chance to live in New Zealand.

Junior chefs deserved the chance to make their way up in the profession and restrictions on immigration would stop that, she said.

"It's not about the money.

"It's that you're taking away the right from anyone who is not a sous chef [to live here], which takes years and years to get to."

Both Sahrawats said they were overwhelmed and honoured to receive the award for the second year in a row. However, Chand Sahrawat said she could not help addressing the political climate in her speech.

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Metro Review - May 10, 2016

Metro Eats 10 May 2016

Sid Sahrawat is 35, and he’s the inspiration behind our Supreme Award winner: Cassia. It’s a downtown place, on Fort Lane, the laneway that connects Fort St to Customs St East and is filled with restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Cassia has been open just a couple of years. It’s a seductive place to arrive at. You stand in front of the glass door and it slides open, and you walk down two or three steps into the room, and immediately you feel a little bit special, as if you know something no one else does.

Cassia is a low-ceilinged bunker, with soft white walls and furniture, globes hung like fairy lights and, there in the back, the half-visible promise of further rooms, more to discover. It’s like a magic cave: an underground haven where wonderful things can happen.

Every dish invites you on a fascinating exploration, with consistently surprising textures and marvellously balanced flavours. There’s a certain formality to their presentation, but don’t assume you should hold back. You’re meant to use the naan to mop up the sauce. You can take the street food out of Benares, but you can’t really change the way it’s eaten.

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Viva Review - Aug 13, 2014

4.5 Viva 13 August 2014

If you're feeling a little fatigued by your local Indian's saag paneer and rogan josh, you need to head along to Cassia, Sid Sahrawat's latest venture in Fort Lane.

The acclaimed chef has been causing a stir with his new restaurant in the basement of the Imperial building, where he aims to reinterpret his native Indian cuisine using New Zealand produce.

He achieves this with typically innovative results - indeed, to find yourself ordering lamb chops or brioche at an Indian restaurant is definitely unusual, and it's safe to say you won't find food like this anywhere else in Auckland.

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  • 2017 Metro Top 50 2017 Metro Top 50 received @ 4 April 2017 The Top 50 Auckland restaurants named by Metro Peugeot Restaurant of The Year 2017
  • 2018 Metro top 50 Awards 2018 Metro top 50 Awards received @ 6 April 2018 Metro Top 50 Finalist for 2018
  • 2018 Cuisine Top 100 2018 Cuisine Top 100 received @ 9 September 2018 This restaurant is in the Cuisine Good Food Awards Top 100 for 2018 and will be featured in the Cuisine Good Food Guide 2018. The Top 100 restaurants are also the finalists for the Cuisine Good Food Awards 2018, and the Winners will be announced on the 15th of October.
  • 2018 Cuisine - 2 Hats 2018 Cuisine - 2 Hats received @ 15 October 2018 The hat awards are the most prestigious awards that Cuisine offer.

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Sorry, this restaurant does not currently offer online bookings via Restaurant Hub, if you would like to make a booking please call

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