Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a booking?

It's a piece of cake - once you've found your preferred restaurant simply select your time and date and then so long as we have an email address and phone number your booking is instantly confirmed the minute you hit "Book Now". 

How can I be certain my booking's been received?

We'll send an instant confirmation email to the address used in your booking. If you book more than a day ahead, we'll also send a reminder 24 hours before your booking is due. You can reconfirm your booking using a link in your reminder email.

What happens if I don't reconfirm my booking?

Don't worry, your restaurant will still hold your booking without a reconfirmation.

I'm sure I've booked, but I haven't had confirmation - what now?

We will always send you an automated confirmation when your booking is confirmed at the restaurant. If you haven't received a confirmation, please start the process again. If you continue to have an issue please give us a call on 09 928 6079 during business hours or drop us a line at and we'll be in touch to resolve the issue.

What happens if I'm running late?

Call the restaurant. Every restaurant is different, but most will hold a booking for at least twenty minutes before reassigning your table. 

What happens if I get to the restaurant and they don't have my booking?

Restaurant Hub restaurants are committed to honour any confirmed bookings we have generated. For added peace of mind you should always reconfirm your booking using the the link included in your reminder email, and it's also a good idea to take your confirmation email with you

How do I cancel a booking?

To help our restaurants manage their sittings we ask our diners to give at least 24 hours' notice of any cancellations. You can do this by calling your restaurant direct.

If you need to cancel less than 24 hours before your dinner date you can use the cancellation link within your reminder email (sent 24 hours before your reservation time). We also encourage our diners to follow this up with a call direct to the restaurant.

To amend a booking please call the restaurant direct, again endeavouring to give at least 24 hours' notice.

Why do you need my email address?

All Restaurant Hub bookings are automatically confirmed via email. Without an address to send the confirmation to the booking can't be accepted. We'll also use your email address to send reminders for any bookings made more than 24 hours in advance of your dining date. 

How much do I have to pay for my booking?

Absolutely nothing! All bookings made through Restaurant Hub are free to the consumer.

How can I purchase a Deal?

Restaurant Hub Platinums are transacted using NZME (GrabOne) transactional technology. Clicking on any Platinum promotion links on Restaurant Hub will allow you to purchase - you will be transferred to GrabOne's shopping cart to buy the Platinum promotion.  

Once you've bought a promotion you can also instantly reserve your table. We'll attach your deal to your booking details, but you'll still need to present your deal purchase to the restaurant. This can be done by mobile phone, for added security we always recommend taking a paper voucher with you too.  

What happens if I get to the restaurant and they won't honour my deal?

Restaurant Hub restaurants are committed to honour promotions sold as part of any Restaurant Hub booking. It's a good idea to take a copy of your booking confirmation with you, just in case there is an issue. You should also take a copy of your promotion purchase with you.   

Are there any limitations to my deal?

You can find our general Terms and Conditions elsewhere on this site.

Promotions are often offered with general limitations. Examples of these include:

• Your promotion will apply to a limited number of diners, and you cannot extend it to cover additional diners should your party be greater than the promotion offer

• Your promotion must be redeemed before any stated expiry date. 

I can see my favourite restaurant on the site - but I can't book with them. What can I do?

Unfortunately some restaurants don't take bookings or haven't yet shifted to a digital booking system. Where possible we still list these restaurants onsite - we want Restaurant Hub to list as many of your favourite restaurants as possible. If you still can't find your favourite haunt please email us on and we promise to tell the restaurant customers like you need them to get with the program...!