Learn More About Early Bird


What is Early Bird?

Early Bird is a deals website that allows you to find and snap up 50% off the price of your food on bookings at some of New Zealand’s best restaurants for their "off-peak" tables.


How do I secure the 50% off of my meal?

To secure your deal, go to the Early Bird Page, pick a location and a table size from the drop down menu at the top. Then,  select a time at a participating restaurant. You'll be asked for your booking details, which will go to the restaurant to secure your booking, and then you pay a flat price of $10 per booking to secure the sweet 50% deal on all food ordered during your meal. You'll receive a booking confirmation number in your confirmation email so you know it's in the bag. 

Last, on the date that you booked for, show up with no more people than the amount you booked for and go nuts ordering food.  At the end of the meal, your waiter will reduce the price of the food on your bill(s) by half. Walk away feeling like a rockstar. 


How does it work with restaurants?

Participating restaurants list their "off-peak" tables on the Early Bird website. The restaurant chooses the days, times and quantity of tables the 50% off deals will be available;  a limited selection for the lucky firsts only. Restaurant Hub then promotes the deals on Early Bird, and collects the $10 fee for each booking. When you book, the booking details that you enter are sent to the restaurant to secure the booking. Your booking shows up in the restaurant's booking system with a note that you should only be charged 50% of your food bill. Your servers then discount your food when you pay for your meal. 


Special Conditions

The ‘Early Bird’ discount cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts or promotions, including restaurant credit, unless otherwise specified by the participating restaurant. This may also include some food items that are excluded from the deal or special menus that apply. 

Some participating restaurants will have special terms that apply to their ‘Early Bird’ diners.

Example - The 50% off -menu promotion is only available for food, when purchased together with any drink from the drinks list, per person.


If I need to cancel, how do I do it?

If you need to cancel your booking you need to call the restaurant that you've booked for, or cancel via the cancellation link in the confirmation and reminder emails. The restaurant's number should also be found in the confirmation email.


If I need to cancel, do I get a refund of my fee?

The Early Bird booking fee is non-refundable.


What time can I book for?

The restaurant lists the times that their Early Bird tables are available for. 

Most restaurants employ a two hour 'Time at Table' for Early Bird Bookings. ( Should you require a longer dining period, this request will be at the restaurants own discretion )


Can I book for any time of day?

We'll have deals for brunch, breakfast, lunch,  or dinner ready for you on site.  Early Bird is all about snapping up sweet deals on off-peak dining times. 


What is included in the 50% off?

Only food will be part of the 50% discount, drinks will be full price. Some restaurants reserve the right to exclude certain dishes. You can find out exactly what these might be before you book by reading the individual restaurants' terms and conditions that are displayed when you book. 


How many tables are sold at each restaurant?

It's a surprise! But we will say that these vouchers are strictly limited.


I can't find my location?

Early Bird will be launching with Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch restaurants first.  But don't worry, Queenstown, Hamilton, Dunedin, and Hawkes Bay restaurants will follow soon after.


How many can I book for?

Early Bird reservations are for groups of 2 to 8 people (including children), but the numbers of diners accepted are determined by the individual restaurants. 


Can I bring more than the number of people that I booked for?

No, sorry. When you make a reservation for the restaurant they will have a table reserved for the number of people you booked for, not more.  


Can I bring less than the number of people that I booked for?

Yes, this is no problem. You will only be discounted for the diners that do show up. Depending on your party size and the restaurant's table availability, the restaurant reserves the right to put you on to a smaller table. 


If I have more people keen to join, can I buy two tables and combine them? 

A maximum of one 'Early Bird table' may be booked per group per night, i.e. booking two tables and combining is prohibited.  Early Bird bookings are strictly for 2 to 8 diners and tables cannot be combined.


Is the booking fee per table or per person?

The booking fee is per table (or per booking).


Can I take my food away?

Meals are to be ordered for dine-in purposes only.  Fair use policy applies, over ordering, and taking leftovers away is not permitted under the Early Bird deal.


What happens if I’m late for my reservation?

The 50% off meals deal is only available for the date and time you have booked. If you are more than 15 minutes late the deal is off.


Can I cancel/change my reservation?

Yes you may cancel your reservation, but the booking fee is non-refundable and is not transferable to an alternative date. If you would like to cancel your booking please cancel by calling the restaurant or clicking the "cancel booking" button on your confirmation or reminder email. 


Can I pick which table to sit at?

The restaurant will likely have a designated table for their Early Bird diners.


Are drinks discounted?

No, the Early Bird offer is for 50% off meals only.


Is there a minimum spend?

No, you may spend as much or as little as you like, and your food bill will be discounted by 50%.


Is dessert included?

Yes all food ordered is discounted by 50%, with exception of any specific items that the restaurant has defined in the restaurant-specific terms and conditions when you're making your booking. 


Are there any exclusions?

Some restaurants may have certain items that are unavailable for the Early Bird offer. These will be noted under the 'terms and conditions' when you're making your booking. 


Can I book the same restaurant twice?

Yes, for different days, but not for the same date. 


What time is a new day added?

Availability for every restaurant is added just after midnight each night.


Is the $10 booking fee deducted from my bill?

No, the booking fee entitles you to 50% off food only when you make your reservation and is not deductible from the bill.


How do I get my booking confirmation?

Booking confirmations are emailed out once payment has been finalised. If you cannot find your confirmation email,  check your email junk folder - sometimes first time bookings can end up in there. If you still are having problems, please call the restaurant directly. 


Can I use with other vouchers?

Early Bird vouchers cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts or promotions, including restaurant credit, unless otherwise specified by the restaurant.


Do I need I.D?

Yes. Licensed premises are within their rights to deny you service if you can't produce identification (even when not drinking). To avoid disappointment make sure all diners have their I.D. The Early Bird booking fee will not be refunded in this scenario.


Still have questions?

Feel free to write to us via the comments box on the Early Bird Page.